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This blog uses Daktilo, a Jekyll theme with a minimal design inspired from typewriters.

More info and Live preview

Click here to see the theme in action.


  • Fully responsive
  • Syntax Highlighter (using highlight.js).
  • Support for categories.
  • Font-Awesome Icons.
  • Optimized for SEO.
  • Coolest 404 page ever.

How to use it

Start by cloning the repository, then check the _config.yml file and change it accordingly. Note that the title property is what will be displayed as logo.

Finally execute jekyll serve --watch and head to localhost:4000 to see the result.

Using categories

Categories are little bit tricky. Please make sure to do the following for each category:

  • Create a file within categories folder with the name of your category For example let's say that we have a category called An Awesome Category you will need to add an an-awesome-category.html file with this content:
layout: category
category: an-awesome-category
permalink: /categories/an-awesome-category/

  • Create an entry inside _data/categories.yml
- slug: an-awesome-category
  name: An Awesome Category
  • Then you will see it in the footer in the Explore section.


The contents of this repository is licensed under The MIT License.